Earth Allies Restoration Network

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We envision an abundant food paradise across the planet that provides sustainable food sources and improves livelihoods, while restoring the environment and natural ecosystems throughout the world.


We seek to spread restoration agricultural methods throughout the world by equipping grassroots organizations and individual farmers alike with the knowledge, funding, and organizational capacity to practice and share restoration agricultural methods in their own communities. By working with partners to transition communities from conventional farming methods to regenerative practices, we strive to transform farmlands into a more natural state, ensuring an abundance of diverse food sources while simultaneously restoring the natural ecosystem.

Core Beliefs

  • Humanity has an obligation to earn its place on this Earth for future generations.
  • Agricultural and environmental change in the region is vital to improving livelihoods.
  • Collaboration and equitable partnership among farmers, organizations, and funders is key to creating long-term sustainable change.


Welcome New EARN Partners!

In 2023, EARN welcomed new partners to our growing movement. Individuals and organizations from all over the world came to the Mainsprings campus in Kitongo, Tanzania to attend our Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course. Afterwards, EARN Trainers visited our new partners and helped them install restoration agriculture demonstration plots at their sites. Click here to see photos from the PDC Course and Site Visits.

Thanks to all our partners and followers for your support in making this happen!