The Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) Course

This 72-hour course will provide farmers and leaders of organizations with the knowledge and skills of permaculture design principles and concepts, equipping graduates with an internationally recognized certificate in Permaculture design. After completing this course, graduates will have the knowledge necessary to design and implement, or improve, their very own permaculture farm and enable others to do the same. 

Much like the permaculture farms have done for Mainsprings, this new method of farming has the potential to improve the sustainability of the participating organizations, improve the nutritional value of the food they are serving to their participants, and help to educate their surrounding communities to better utilize their land. The EARN PDC courses will be taught by internationally renowned permaculture expert Mark Shepard with Restoration Agricultural Development (RAD) and EJ Oppenheimer with The Valley Foundation, with support from other permaculture experts. 

Course Dates (not including travel days):

  • July 22nd-31st, 2024
  • February 2025 – Exact dates to be determined¬†


  • Mainsprings Campus in Kitongo, Tanzaniza

Course Fee:

  • $1,000 per participant
  • Includes shared accommodations, food, and transport from Mwanza airport to Mainsprings campus
  • 50% discount provided for African citizens
  • Travel to Mwanza, Tanzania not included