We are seeking to make Permaculture and restoration agriculture a movement across the planet in order to help communities become more resilient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Data shows that regenerative farming practices like Permaculture not only increase the abundance and variety of food available to individuals and communities, but also helps to draw carbon from the atmosphere, improve soil fertility, increase water retention, decrease erosion, and generally improve the health of an overall ecosystem. It is only by joining together with our incredible partners that these methodologies will reach far and wide across the planet, ultimately ensuring a more sustainable, abundant, and healthy future for the region.

The Valley Foundation and Mainsprings raised money to bring organizations from across East Africa to the Mainsprings campus in Tanzania where they could participate in a 72-hour Permaculture Design Certification Course and receive a multi-year seed grant in order to implement permaculture in their own communities. The idea for this partnership stemmed from conversations about the limitations organizations might face in being able to implement such change without the knowledge and funding to do so, as well as the shared belief that nonprofits should be working together to lift each other up, not competing against each other for resources. From that idea, the EARN movement was created, with it’s first pilot class of grantee partners accepted in 2020.

After a successful pilot program which brought several organizations to Tanzania from all across East Africa in early 2020, the East African Regenerative Network (EARN) has enabled organizations from throughout East Africa to be able to implement Permaculture practices in their own communities. Since then, the success and growth of the network inspired us to adapt the network





EARN Partner Map