There are several ways to support the EARN movement:

*Funds donated will be directed through our managing partner, The Valley Foundation.


We welcome any donation amount! Funds go directly to supporting EARN Permaculture Partners to attend our Permaculture design course and install their own Permaculture fields for their organization. Partners who donate over $10,000 will have the opportunity to add their logo to our Supporting Partners page.


Whether you’re an individual or a funding organization, you can donate funds to support our Permaculture Partners. Please click on the donate button above!

Volunteer Services

If you or your organization would like to volunteer services toward the cause, pleaseĀ contact us! This can include marketing, evaluation, fundraising, internships, or other services that might help support the EARN movement.

Spread The Word

If you are passionate about restoration agriculture and the EARN movement, please feel free to spread the word by linking to our webpage via social media!

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